It’s been a wild decade going from “stay-at-home-mom” to “YouTube comedic Phe-mom-enon”…

…but Anita Renfroe doesn’t mind. With her unique brand of estrogen flavored musical comedy and blend of sass, edge and slightly offbeat takes on All Things Female, audiences at her comedy concert tours, viewers of Good Morning America appearances and the YouTube masses who enjoyed her William Tell version of everything a Mom says would say that Anita just tells it like it is.
Some would say she just says what everyone else is thinking, but won’t say out loud.

I’d rather people laugh because they relate to something I say than because I wrote a clever punchline. All my stuff is about my life – it’s real and it connects people – and that’s a wonderful thing. – Anita

Anita has been featured as a comedy correspondent for Good Morning America, performed at The Grand Ole Opry,  and has appeared on “Dr.Phil”, Sirius XM’s “Oprah and Friends”, CBS’s “The Early Show”, Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends”, “Inside Edition”, Nickelodean’s “Mom’s Night Out”, “Huckabee” and many more.

Anita tours with her own comedy concerts and inspirational women’s conferences where she routinely packs out venues across the United States.

Renfroe and her husband John live in the Hill Country of Texas with their spoiled dogs, Chipper, Layla, and Beau. They have 3 adult children (but who cares about them?!), and 8 amazing grand babies!

Spokesperson For:

  • Kraft
  • McAfee/SafeEyes
  • Proctor and Gamble/Luvs
  • Got Milk
  • Kroger/Pepsi
  • Komar

Entertained For:

  • Women In Cable
  • Alliance Sports
  • Grand Ole Opry
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Lia Sofia
  • Scentsy
  • Premier Designs
  • Close to my Heart
  • Southern Living
  • Gas and Welding Distributors Association
  • Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity

Projects from Anita Renfroe:

  • And I Mean That in the Best Possible Way – DVD (2014)
  • I’m Not High Maintenance, Just Low Tolerance – DVD (2012)
  • Big Ol’ Sweet Iced Tea – DVD (2010)
  • Duets – (Cook Publishing, 2010)
  • Two Thumbs Up: The Best of Anita Renfroe (so far) – DVD (2009)
  • Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You (Hyperion/Voice 2009)
  • It’s Probably Just My Thyroid – DVD
  • Songs in the Key of Solomon – (Cook Publishing 2008)
  • Total Momsense – DVD
  • Purse-onality – DVD
  • Thinking Out Loud – DVD